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I really appreciate your interest to spend your time with me, but unfortunately I cannot host you in term you want. Probably I am out of Bratislava or I am busy because of work, so sorry for that. But I’ve written this post for you! It is a short guide how to enjoy Bratislava in the best way. So here we go!

1. Try some delicious slovak dishes

A lot of couchsurfers want to try national food on their trip. I usually take my couchsurfers to Slovak Pub near the city center. It is a cozy restaurant with extraordinary interior with the same design as some cottages you can find in the countryside somewhere in central part of Slovakia. And what to try? I recommend you „Slovenská misa“ for two people – you can try three delicious foods in just 13 EUR.

Where? Slovak Pub, Obchodná street no. 62

Dear couchsurfer, I cannot host you... 1
With my lovely couchsurfer from Iran
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2. The life is better with good beer in your hand

If you like beer, you’d definitely have to visit U čerta pub! And if you don’t like beer, you will fall in love with it after your visit. The small pub under the castle has unique atmosphere, especially in summer. Friendly guests sit usually on stairs, pavement or wherever you want and drink local craft beer named as „Voľba sládkov“ in very good prices.

Where? U čerta, Beblavého street no. 2

U čerta pub Bratislava bar
My favourite pub in Bratislava old town

3. The most romantic place in Bratislava

Do yo like sunsets? If yes, you will love the view from the Old bridge (Starý most). The biggest paradox of the Old bridge is its name – actually the Old bridge is the newest bridge in Bratislava. How is it possible? In 2016 was the old Old bridge demolished and replaced by the new one. The design of the new one is very similar to the old one, so finally the name wasn’t changed.

Where? Starý most, right pathway from the city center

Bratislava sunset západ slnka Bratislavský hrad, most SNP
View from the Old bridge
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4. Slavín memorial monument

Slavín is the monument and cemetery of thousands soviet soldiers killed while liberating Bratislava near the end of the Second World War. It is nice an half-hour walk to Slavín monument from the city center or castle, or you can take Uber. There is a nice view from this calm place. If you don’t like overcrowded places in city center you should definitely go to Slavín.

Where? Na Slavíne street

Slavín monument Bratislava
Slavín monument in Bratislava

5. Nightlife in Bratislava

I am not a big fan of disco and nightlife, but I can recommend you Luna bar as the most famous retro bar in Bratislava by locals. If you like oldies or silent disco, it is a place for you. Just few meters from Luna bar you can find Fuga (the hole) – it is the best place for alternative music fans. Do you like karaoke? Wild Thing in city centre is ready for your voice.

Where? Luna bar (Rajská 2), Fuga (Námestie SNP 24), Wild Thing (Zelená 8)

Luna Bar Bratislava nightlife
Bratislava – Partyslava

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Save your money with Airbnb

If you haven’t find any other couch for your stay, you can use Airbnb (it is very popular in Slovakia). Some of my potential guests slept in DREAM Hostel near main railway station, and they like it a lot. If you like sleeping in your tent, you can take a free place in Líščie údolie in Karlova ves – sometimes I also sleep there in tent, even when I have my own apartment. Just for fun.

You can use these discounts for accommodaiton:

ZÍSKAJTE 50 € Booking - logo, 10 % discount, lowcost cestovanie Založte si účet na Airbnb cez tento odkaz a získate 50 € kredit na prvú rezerváciu!

Good advice on how to enjoy Bratislava

I didn’t write about city center as well. There are also many nice places like Blue Church, Hviezdoslav square or Bratislava castle, but they are typical turist places and you can find them easily.

If you have some other questions, please, ask me below in chat and I’ll try to help you.

  • Don’t take taxi on street, never! Let’s use Uber.
  • Restaurants in city center are tourist traps. Check Google Places reviews first.
  • You can use share bikes SlovnaftBajk in just 6 EUR, but ride carrefully, becouse there aren’t a lot of cycling paths in Bratislava.

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